Thursday, May 08, 2014

I think she's doing a pretty good job...

Well, Mother's Day is Sunday, and this morning as I sauntered over to the store to pay my annual tax to Hallmark I had a little bit of time to reflect on the events of last night.

Every night, we go through a very familiar routine at our house that involves some Bible reading, prayers, and various tucking in rituals.  Last night, Emma, my 9 year old had something to tell me.

There was a little boy in her class that had been bullying her and her friends at school.

As she began the story, I immediately was filled with an angst that can only be understood by over-protective parents like myself and mama bears.  I imagined phone calls to the teacher, and other parents.  not to mention various anti-bullying campaigns on multiple social media outlets-- but for the time being, I figured I would just listen to her story.

I'm glad I did.

She continued that one of her friends had gone to the teacher to tell, and the little boy became angry.  He made a couple statements like "I wish I had never been made!" and "I wish I wasn't on this big ball of crap!"

I then watched as my daughter's eyes filled up with tears.  She told me that she went to him and said, "God had made him very special, and for a very special purpose, and God had made this world for us to enjoy." 

Then, in an effort to sound parental-- not wanting to pass up a teachable moment-- I encouraged my daughter to remember that no matter what people say or do, there is almost always something more going on.  There is probably a story.

And she said, "Everyone has a story, dad."

It appears that she wasn't going to miss out on that teachable moment as well.

I then left the room only to find my her mother busily cutting up fresh fruit to go in our daughters lunches for the next day.  Jodi was in a rather foul mood for some reason... now I know, husbands, its never a good idea to ask why your wife is in a foul mood for fear you may be the reason, but I asked anyway.

She actually had begun to believe that she was failing as a mother.  Due to some of the events in the day that led to both of her girls crying, she had decided to place blame on herself and bear the burden of their tears.  She explained that she just had experienced some parenting fails.

So I shared with her Emma's story.  I think she's doing a fabulous job.

She gets up early and prays for our family
She tirelessly cleans and cooks
She handles the household finances-- well I might add
She fixes boo boos and owies
and kisses foreheads and bruises.
She runs bathwater and rinses hair
She can french braid anything in any way.
She drives the safest swagger wagon around putting more miles on our van than most over the road truck drivers put on their big rigs.
From gymnastics to dance to art to playtime
To a faith that has been passed on to the next generation
              And is being passed on to their friends...

Jodi Powell... you are an amazing mother!  Don't ever forget it.  God has placed that inside of you, and I love watching you daily navigate the difficult waters of motherhood.  There is no one that I would rather raise my children with than you.

Happy Mother's Day,

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Who needs Hallmark after that?