Friday, April 24, 2009

Lung Update #27 - We Need a Second Wind

Some of you are already receiving word of the verdict we have been given as of this afternoon. I refrained from sending an immediate email as we took a break to go and process our news and make decisions for our family. Those of you who are unaware, here is our latest and here is where we are. The x-ray that was taken this morning of the thoracic cavity revealed that the pocket of air that is needing to be filled with lung tissue is just not filling like they need it to do in order to remove the tube in good conscious. There is little to no fluid draining from the area anymore; however, what usually happens when the body has a void within it is a filling of the void with something. It can most likely fill with fluid and infectious matter and scar tissue, which would be harmful to Jeremy in the long run causing further discomfort and further surgery. Jeremy's lungs are "older" than they should be for a 31 year old male. By that, the doctor means his lung tissue is tougher and not quite as malleable as you would typically see and therefore the expansion of the lung tissue is taking longer.

They are giving him the weekend to rest (he will also be NPO ALL WEEKEND - IV nutrients - NO FOOD). His pancreatic numbers are quite elevated and they really want those numbers to decline in obvious descent over the next 48 hours. Therefore he has also gone back to just the medications that he was on prior to surgery (2 antifungals, 1 antibiotic). They are hoping this will resolve the issue and avoid true pancreatitis. If the air pocket has not filled with lung tissue by Monday when they do the next CT scan, then they are planning to perform a second surgical procedure either Monday or Tuesday. They will go back into the area and move around muscle mass and the diaphragm to fill in the void so that it will no longer exist and will no longer be at risk for filling with infection. WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER SURGERY. I ask that you join us for the next 48 hours and give these two issues to our Heavenly Father. Beg of God to inflate and stretch the left lobe of the lung in order to fill that void. Beg of God to allow Jeremy's pancreatic enzymes to go down. I know that it feels as if you have been praying for weeks and seeing just small victories. But do not lose heart, those victories are ENORMOUS to me. Thank you for being faithful to pray with us. Starting tomorrow morning, I will be in a 48 hour true fast for Jeremy. If you are physically able, I ask you to join me. If you are not, then just pray when you think of us. God will honor any word utter unto His throne. Your position is your heart, nothing more. God is thankful to just hear your thoughts and voice spoken and directed to Him.

Jeremy's mother will be coming to be with him over the weekend. I am going to come home for a visit with the girls. My prayer is that my trip home is to stay and prepare the way for his return on Monday or Tuesday when they release him because God has delivered us once again from the pit. However, if God needs this void to be addressed by a surgeon, then so be it, and I will return to assist Jeremy in recovery once more. Pray that I not have to come back and that his time with his mother is sweet and strengthening. She is a nurse and will be just as much of a hound on Jeremy and the doctors as I am, maybe even more.

God is good and I am humbled by what is yet to come.

"Where do I go when I need a shelter?
Where do I go when I need a friend?
Where do I go when I need some helping?
Where do I go?...

"There I am before the one who CHANGES ME."


Anonymous said...

Jodi- I'm on my knees and I will join you. Healing can come about by PRAYER and FASTING.
Love to my friends- J. Mc.

Anonymous said...

On my knees crying, praying and will join you in the 48 hour fasting. (Jim will not be able to Fast, hope you understand) but he will be praying.
Love to you both!

CSPowell said...

We love you guys, Chad and I and the boys will be praying.