Monday, April 27, 2009

Lung Update #32 - Well...

...Jeremy is now talking with the Infectious Disease doctors and they are discussing the plan of attack for the next 24-48 hours. Here is what God has been faithful to do thus far. The CT scan did not reveal any real significant change in his lung. Don't give up yet. So, Dr. Quaong, who is back from his "conference", stated to Jeremy this morning that he was not surprise at all with this. He said that the size of the mass that was removed from his thoracic cavity would yield a sizeable void that would need to eventually be refilled by living tissue. Dr. Quaong said that he didn't expect this void to be fille by now. What? Jeremy and I both said, this would have been great to know a week ago, while we were waiting on other "fretting" doctors to make a call on this final tube. Dr. Quoang has scheduled Jeremy for another procedure tomorrow morrning where they will "downsize" his current chest tube. He will come home with a container that is about the size of a brick. The current tube container is about the size of a laptop. This will remain in for 4-6 weeks. I gotta tell you that this stinks, but at the same time, there was mention of a homecoming, so IT IS WORTH IT.

Dr. Quaong says that it will take a considerable amount of time for this void to fill in - it took a considerable amount of time for it to be created (with the growing fungal tissue). If Jeremy were not a CGD patient, they would pull the chest tube today and send him home with the void. However, they are taking extra precaution with him for fear of infection setting in. We will take that precaution. He is precious cargo. Precious!

Now, the pancreatic enzymes are down 200 points today, but they are still elevated. Jeremy is currently talking with the doctors about that. Dr. Quaong is certain that Dr. Malech will make the overall call on that. Jeremy asked if they could just send him home on a lowfat diet to push the proper care of the pancreas and to have his blood drawn daily at home to check the enzymes. They are discussing that right now.

It is possible that he could come home tomorrow or Wednesday. Pray the enzymes continue to go down. Pray that he can eat soon. He thinks that he will be NPO for a week. I can bare to think about that. We need something larger than 200 points to shave off by tomorrows bloodwork. 500 would be awesome! So keep praying. God has heard you. Jeremy is one step closer to coming home today. He is one step closer to healing and restoration.

Pray now for his strength. Pray for his endurance. I heard some hope in his voice. Pray that it isn't crushed by Satan's evil words or deeds. So those of you that have been fasting, eat. God has honored your sacrifice.

I do not know about my travel arrangements yet. I am still waiting on him to let me know how much longer they are predicting. Jeremy's mother will be leaving on Wednesday. If Jeremy is staying past Wednesday, than I will go and get him, and I will leave Wednesday. If he comes hom tomorrow or Wednesday, I will most likely stand here waiting with open arms. Pray for wisdom. Pray for decision making.


Anonymous said...

As a child I would watch my dad shout (and I mean shout) in church and praise God for answered prayer.I did not fully understand it then. But, I sure do now. Jeremy we serve a great God. He loves us,cares for us ,knows what best for us, humbles us,allways there for us and most of all has prepared a place for us to be in his eternal blessings.

We love you


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Lord! We will keep praying for more good news. God knows where you are and how to mend. We are trusting. Keep us posted. Love and prayers, Jackie R.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 126:3 "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy". Vs.5 "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy". BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!! Love to my friends-
J Mc

Meagan said...

God bless you both and I'm so thrilled with having some change for the better! I love you both and am praying for God to work and bring you home!